The Barstow House 1888



What's Your Retirement Dream?


 Choosing to Operate a Bed and Breakfast

When we made the decision to open our home as The Barstow House 1888 Bed and Breakfast, we did so because we loved meeting new people and welcoming them to this area. We knew we would enjoying sharing the history of our home and the area. Andy loves the creative challenge of our flower gardens and the care of the house, and Maureen loves to welcome our guests with good food. We both believe that kindness, comfort, and a relaxing atmosphere, are the necessary qualities to ANY bed and breakfast stay.

During our 8th season, we decided it was time to give someone else a chance to find their retirement dream. Why might you consider running a bed and breakfast? Probably for some of the same reasons we chose to. After retiring from our careers, we knew we still wanted to meet new and interesting people and welcome them to our home.



We weren't ready to stop working, and the Bed and Breakfast business gave us a part-time business in which we could be as busy as we wanted to be, and still leave us time to pursue other interests.

We continue to look for new owners who will love this house as much as we have.

If you have an interest in our business as part of your own retirement dream, or perhaps just because you have an interest in the bed and breakfast business, visit and contact our agent, Susan Alberico, at 315-723-0892  for more information.